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How the CESBM career development services can help our students is ultimately up to them! Come check out what we are all about. We can’t wait to meet you.



Undergraduate Outcomes for a Global World

The undergraduate outcomes for our students don’t lie. When you leave CESBM, you emerge as a top candidate in the eyes of employers from all areas of today’s global economy. This is thanks to the strong business foundations, hands-on projects, institutional support and resources, and real-world experience you will have under your belt

The Lessons You Learn Here Last a Lifetime

It doesn’t matter what industries graduates are working in or where you want to go. Whatever your next step is, your entrepreneurial leadership mindset will get you there. Our curriculum, with its unique blend of business and liberal arts and sciences courses and several concentrations to choose from, prepares our students to be the critical thinkers and thought-starters the future needs and employers want. And, our Career Development team and resources are here to support and help connect you to internships and externships, professional networks, and employment opportunities to enhance that experience.

The Skills Our Students Bring to the Table
• Personal Development • Communication • Creativity and Innovation • Critical Thinking • Equity & Inclusion • Leadership • Teamwork • Professionalism • Organisational skills • Flexibility • Commercial awareness • Problem solving/analysing • Initiative • Ability to use new technologies • Value addition • • Career & Self-Development/Management • Reliability • Learning

A Degree That Takes You Anywhere
Our students do it all, across industries and disciplines. You will find our alumni as owners of their own enterprises in various sectors.


You have big ideas and big dreams. At CESBM, we teach you how to find the opportunity in every challenge and turn those ideas into real innovations. By focusing on entrepreneurial effectiveness and leadership (EE&L), we’re preparing our students to go from today’s learners into future entrepreneurial leaders.

Entrepreneurial Leaders Are the Future
An entrepreneurial leader has the characteristics of all good leaders: collaborative, thoughtful, focused, motivated. Someone who values optimism, coming together, experimenting, and learning from mistakes to produce the best results. Why CESBM focuses on entrepreneurial leadership is simple—the best entrepreneurship college will teach you how to have and execute this mindset. Entrepreneurial leaders don’t dwell on the problems, they solve them - in their own, unique way.Our students have never met a status quo they didn’t question. You may wonder how fashion could be more sustainable. Or how to be a better public speaker. Or what streaming means for the future of Nollywood. Or how you can support immigrants while exploring your own heritage. These questions are entrepreneurial leadership in action. See an issue, ask questions, take action.

The Classroom Is Your Playground
CESBM is a hub for creative solutions to societal concerns. We provide the resources, and you run with them. We designed our curriculum, a mix of business and the liberal arts and sciences, around practical knowledge and hands-on learning. Learning by doing is our mantra, and never is that more true than in Entrepreneurship Concepts and Applications (or ECA), New Venture Creation (or NVC), and Design Driven Entrepreneurship (or DDE) as our students call them). You will turn an idea into a tangible venture—all while learning what actually makes a business work. It’s a pivotal first step in an CESBM student’s journey and one that pays off immediately. You may even discover where your passions lie in the process. We offer several concentrations, focused on a different areas/sectors of the economy. Future accountants, government workers, politicians, scientists, technologists, engineers, agriculturists, healthcare practitioners, financial advisors, sustainability advocates, crimininologists, athletes and supply chain experts all have a place here.

Results Only a Top Entrepreneurship College Provides
Experienced faculty. Small classes. Real-world applications. Dedicated staff. Expansive alumni network. Global population (21 countries represented and counting). Our environment breeds success. And, from the classroom to the boardroom, you have endless support on campus. The Centre for Career Development (CCD), our faculty, hands-on learning opportunities, and your classes prepare you for professional life from day one. Our students don’t just start businesses, either. You will find our alumni turning all industries (technology, education, health care, to name a few) on their heads.

Professional Paths

Embark on Your Professional Adventure
The possible careers for undergraduates at CESBM are endless. And, the Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) is here to help you transition from CESBM to your next great opportunity, giving you the resources to explore all of your postgrad options, whether that’s entering the workforce at startups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies, continuing your education, launching an entrepreneurial venture, or bearing the torch for the next generation of your family business.

The Undergraduate Career Choice Is Yours
Your choices of undergraduate careers are infinite, but there is one guarantee: you will emerge from CESBM with the entrepreneurial leadership skills that allow you to create a positive impact in any role, organization, or community from day one. With guidance from CCD’s experienced advisors, career fairs and events, and assistance in interview and resume preparation, you’ll be ready to dive into a career you feel passionate about.

A Campus Full of Connections
The best part of the CESBM experience is the people—your professors, your advisors, your classmates, your peers, and our robust alumni/professional affiliates’ network. As you partner with people across campus on projects and in class, you will gain professional insights and grow connections. Those touchpoints can help you find career paths you want to take as well as provide avenues for you to pursue them. Our faculty especially have expertise and networks that are beneficial to our students.

You also can participate in events, research, and networking with our professional affiliates/partners. They provide a chance for you to dive deeper into a specific community or area of interest, such as entrepreneurship and innovation, agricultural entrepreneurship, technology/engineering entrepreneurship, biotechnology entrepreneurship, nanotechnology entrepreneurship, media entrepreneurship, oil and gas entrepreneurship, maritime entrepreneurship, tourism/hospitality entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, sustainability entrepreneurship, ecopreneurship, healthcare entrepreneurship, medical entrepreneurship, pharmaceutical entrepreneurship, digital entrepreneurship etc., and to meet mentors. Plus, we’re partners with local and foreign institutions for academic degrees.

A Lifelong Community of Support
The CESBM experience isn’t over when you graduate. You will then join CESBM’s extensive alumni network / professional affiliates’ membership. Our alumni have each chosen a unique career path after college and many want to share that journey with you. Our global network is visible in all corners of the business world and beyond, and will serve as a resource for you throughout your career journey. Our alumni know firsthand just how valuable an CESBM education and mindset are to the world.

Advising and Tools

Undergraduate Career Advising and Support from the First Day
We have your back from day one. As soon as you arrive at CESBM, you have access to peer undergraduate career advising, career workshops, and resources from our Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD). These tools are catered to our students and their unique interests. When you partner with us, you are already ahead of the curve.

Finance and Operations Manager at Clove (and former Peer Career Ambassador in CCD!)
Additionally, our virtual tools are available for students 24/7 and help connect students to those aforementioned resources, on-campus events, skill-building opportunities, undergraduate career advising, resume reviews, and more.

Take Us With You at Every Step
Most of our events and tools are open to all of our students, though some are more useful to upperclassmen. Regardless, you can start early. Here is just an example of how we support our students from orientation to graduation.

Your First Year with CCD
We want you to feel the love the minute you step on campus. As you adjust to college, you can join us for one of our signature first-year events and even start meeting with Peer Career Ambassadors, who function similarly to an undergraduate career advisor.

Peer Career Ambassadors
Peer Career Ambassadors (PCAs) are CESBM students trained to assist their peers with their career-related needs. As a first-year student, you have the opportunity to meet with PCAs who have been in your shoes and can review your resume and direct you to the right resources to begin your career exploration.

First-Year Fridays
First-Year Fridays is a weekly workshop aimed to bridge the gap between the high school senior and the professional first-year student. Each Friday, PCAs present different topics that address this gap, as well as tips for skill building.

Getting the Professional Hang of It
With a few semesters under your belt, you will have more of an idea of what career you want to pursue. It’s never too early to start exploring potential careers and internships. Even if you have already decided or are seeking guidance, we are here to show you all the options available to you.

24/7 Virtual Tools to Explore
You will have 24/7 access to Canvas, VMock, and Big Interview, among others, to help with your career search strategies, resume guidance, industry expertise, interview prep, and more.

Career Workshop Opportunities and Industry Spotlights
Put these on your calendar when you’re ready to start mapping out your professional future. Leveraging our expansive employer partnerships and incredible alumni network, we offer workshops, career sessions, and spotlight programs tailored toward specific industries and career development milestones.

Finding Professional Opportunities
Internships and externships are not required of our students, but almost all of them do at least one while at CESBM. We offer various levels of support during this part of your career exploration. 1-1 Undergraduate Career Advising with CCD Staff
CCD staff has networks and expertise across industries. You can come to us for help with an internship strategy or job-search plan, how to connect with alumni and employers, your resume and cover letters, interview and grad school application prep, or even a specific opportunity. Summer Internship Prep and Career Fairs
Now, it’s time to drill down on some of your professional interests. Our team helps you research opportunities near you and land the role you want. Plus, you can get comfortable networking at our semesterly career fairs. Preparing for Graduation
You may have some experience under your belt and are ready to take it to the next level. Don’t fret! Our team will make sure you’re confident going into your next professional step before you even order your cap and gown.

Intenships and Extenships

Undergraduate Internships and College Externships for CESBM Students
At CESBM, you discover what you want out of your career by expanding your network and building on your experiences in the classroom and in the real world. The Centre for Career Development (CCD) at CESBM offers students support to identify and seek out opportunities for undergraduate internships and externships (or job shadows) to foster that early career growth and exploration. CCD, through panels, one-on-one advising sessions, and networking events (among many other resources), is here to help you explore career options and the various professional paths available to you.

What Are Internships and Externships?
College internships and externships are an important stepping stone on your career journey. Internships provide students with an opportunity to experiment by working in areas of career interest and developing valuable skills, while undergraduate externships allow students to explore various industries and functional areas by observing professionals on the job and asking questions. Both opportunities will be invaluable to you as you start your career

How Our Coursework Amplifies Career Exploration
While internships are not required at CESBM, almost 90 percent of our students do at least one. Our students seek out opportunities, and blaze their own professional trail. At CESBM, our students are go-getters, building out their skills and confidence to find internships and the professional environments they want to try out. Our resources, including providing access to various networking opportunities and growth tools, are here to supplement that drive and support our students as they explore the career avenues that interest them.

Additionally, experiential learning, or hands-on learning, is baked into what we teach at CESBM, and internship and externships are a big part of that. Because of that, we want to ensure you pursue the opportunities and industries that interest and challenge you the most. We have specific courses and programs that are designed so you can excel while you figure out your professional passions and build marketable skills.

Career Exploration Lab
Offered for students who want to add value to their internship experience or need to receive credit during an internship, this course helps you apply your classwork in a real-world business setting. The Career Exploration Lab also supports international students’ ability to obtain the proper visas required to work in the U.S.

Internship Experience Lab
Designed to complement our students’ professional learning during a summer internship, you can earn course credit while receiving guidance and mentorship, all as part of your early professional development.

Summer Intern Sponsorship Program
Each summer, CCD proudly offers awards to students who accept global and domestic internships that may otherwise cause financial hardship. We aim to make it possible for you to engage in internships, whether paid or unpaid, so you can pursue the professional path you want.

Externship Programme
Designed for students in the exploration phase of their career development, CCD’s Externship Program connects you with a vast network of CESBM alumni and organizations in order to explore various careers, industries, organizations, or functions. You shadow and observe professionals on the job and, in the process, expand your professional network and develop a more realistic understanding of your goals.

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