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Distance-learning is clearly an accepted form of cost-effective education for working professionals. The growth and importance of the Internet is furthering the distance-learning concept daily and making independent study education accessible to more and more individuals. Employers are aware of the fact that attending a classroom university is not possible for a significant number of their workforce, yet they recognise the corporate benefits that a career-related degree programme can bring to their employees.
Yes. Upon registration students are given access to their Online Student Section. Here students can Access Instructions and formats for orientation courses, Keep a calendar of assignments with planned completion dates, Upload/Post assignments, Review Grades/Transcripts, Post Questions or Messages with Student Services and/or your advisor, Start the first phase of the program to establish the program curriculum, Access the CESBM Online Library. Research can be conducted at the CESBM online library which has full text access to 1200 journals and periodicals amounting to over 6 million full text sources. This is a quick and convenient way to begin your research in any topic or area from your curriculum.
College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management is a professional entrepreneurship college (a business school for entrepreneurship, innovation and MSMEs development) created to solve the prevalent unemployment/poverty problems among Africans (including youths with accredited degrees) with affordable, groundbreaking and effective entrepreneurship education capable of transforming their ideas into viable enterprises.

CESBM serves as natural incubator, providing support structures for teachers and students to initiate new ventures: intellectual, commercial and conjoint by contributing and providing leadership for creating entrepreneurial thinking, actions, institutions and entrepreneurship capital. This we do through offering of a powerful formula that not only equips people with a well-rounded and internationally-relevant entrepreneurship education based on an internationally-competitive curriculum, but also provides them with extensive practical experience, effective mentoring and industry-relevant skills required for turning ideas into viable ventures. We call this the “CESBM’s Entrepreneurship Effectiveness and Leadership (EE&L) Model” that grooms students to become future ready graduates (FRG).

CESBM programme offers the advanced knowledge and practical skills required to identify, recognise, assess, seize, shape, create and exploit new opportunities, as well as develop entrepreneurial management and leadership competencies that can be applied to any professional field of your choice. We are the first in Africa to understand that entrepreneurial dynamism (ability of an entrepreneur to make quick decision or effect changes to take advantage of unexpected business opportunities or thinking and acting entrepreneurially) is more than just an inclination. Rather, it can be taught, and we do it better than anyone in Nigeria.

Conversely, classroom universities are attracting the 18 to 21-year olds whose life goals and ambitions have yet to be established. This is true especially at the undergraduate level. CESBM does no compete with such traditional schools. CESBM students know who they are, know exactly what they want to do and are interested in a challenging and rewarding educational experience. For this reason, they are often more motivated than students at traditional universities.

In addition, CESBM students gain significant advantages from their professional experience. Not only are they able to draw from the knowledge they have developed throughout their career thus far, but they may apply earned credit for what they have already learned toward their program.
No mention of the words "equivalency," "non-traditional," "distance learning," "online" or any similar expression will appear on your degree, your academic record or any other documents you receive from CESBM are the same standard used by all US colleges and universities.
This depends on the course. Details on this can be found on the “admission” menu/prospectus
CESBM credits and certificates are accepted by partner institutions world-wide. However, Just like CESBM, each college can determine the criteria it follows in accepting transfer credits from other institutions. If transferring credits to another institution is the main focus of your studies, be sure to confirm with them prior to beginning your studies at CESBM. Colleges evaluate transfer credits on a case-by-case basis. Some colleges and universities are very open to accepting credits from other institutions, some are very restrictive.
Yes. All course with a "C" or above will be considered, just send us the documentation/transcript on the coursework you've completed, and we can determine if it will grant you credit toward your degree programme with CESBM. Many students who enter a graduate degree programme have some formal graduate education and advanced work experiences for which credit can be granted towards the particular degree required. The Admissions Committee evaluates these credits and determines whether and which credits can be applied to the various courses required for the programme.
You may enroll in a programme by submitting your Online Application and pasting your resume and any additional comments/questions in the area provided.
Life Experience, Academic Status, Prior Learning Assessment relate to credit for learning related to College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management degree programmes, regardless of where or how the learning occurred. Life Experience, Academic Status, and Prior Learning Assessment are based on a tested process and set of mechanisms. Its major goal is to determine the students correct academic standing. It achieves this goal through the recognition of learning that students have acquired from life experience, job training, workshops, seminars or other experience. Several methods may be used to evaluate learning related to CESBM degrees. Challenge for Credit towards a specific course (test). Portfolio Assessment to receive credit towards a degree programme. Assessment of training packages from employers, private trainers, unions and other institutions. Student Services handles credits transferred from post-secondary educational institutions such as colleges or universities.
Adult learners from around the world may enroll in all CESBM programmes. Please review the admissions requirements to see if you qualify.
Our Tuition fees are moderate and the most affordable and depend on your choice of programme. Contact us: admission@universityofentrepreneurs.education or admission office for more information.
The College has developed a flexible installment plan for payment of tuition fees.
Yes. CESBM credits and degree has global acceptance.
Yes. We accept credit transfer from all accredited and recognised institutions.
College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management maintains a year round admissions process. The individual pace nature of our academic programmes allows us to begin a new student at nearly any time during the year.
No, you do not have to travel to South Africa to complete your degree requirements. We deliver personalized quality education directly to you. There are no on-campus residency requirements. However, you are welcome to visit at any time or attend a convocation ceremony upon graduation.
Contact Admissions.

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