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---productive and impactful entrepreneurship education for (SDG 8)


    Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Research

    To become a key resource centre for research in entrepreneurship, policy level interventions, curriculum design, resource material and human resource development.

    Faculty Development Programme in Entrepreneurship: For those who want to teach entrepreneurship in schools and colleges
    Development of text books and teaching material
    Research and dissemination of findings for policy formulation.
    Centre for Micro Enterprises, Micro Finance and Sustainable Livelihood

    To become an acknowledged resource, action research & policy advocacy centre for institutions promoting Micro Enterprises and Micro Finance.

    • Capacity Building of Non Government Organisations in conducting Micro Enterprise Creation and Micro Finance related training programmes in rural and urban areas
    • facilitating performance and growth of existing microenterprises
    • Creating a cadre of Micro Business Service Providers
    • Innovative informal sectoral programmes on Micro Enterprise, Micro Finance & Business Development Services (Project Management & Designing)
    • Impact studies, documentation, diagnostic studies, evaluation, action research to become a repository of references
    • Support services/Consultancy to national and international organizations to facilitate strategic decision making
    Centre for SMEs and Business Development Services

    To create world class entrepreneurs and facilitate growth of small enterprises into medium and large

    • Growth-cum-Buslness Counsellors’ Programmes to facilitate planned growth among existing entrepreneurs
    • Country/Sector specific Business Development Programmes
    • In-Company Executive Development Programmes to ensure all round development of managerial competencies
    Centre for Women Entrepreneurship and Gender Studies

    To carry out women entrepreneurship development related activities to ensure high incidence of entrepre neurial success among women.

    • Women Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
    • Workshops for existing women entrepreneurs to ensure sustainability of their business
    • Sensitisation workshops for potential women entrepreneurs and support system officers
    Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility

    To create a cadre of social entrepreneurs who initiate sustainable social enterprises that help in empowering marginalized sections of society

    • Social Enterprise Development Programmes: For those who wish to set up for-profit social enterprises
    • Training existing social entrepreneurs to facilitate growth & expansion
    • Sensitisatlon workshops for students to Incline them to social entrepreneurship
    • Distance Learning Programme in Social Entrepreneurship
    • Partnering with corporates to execute their CSR projects
  • The College’s ICT centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology keeping pace with diverse educational, training and research endeavours. Adopting a user- friendly approach, the centre continually updates its software inventory which complements the latest training technologies used in the programmes.
    Executive and Enterprise Education
  • CESBM has the people, the resources and the networks needed to develop your organisation’s talent, grow your business, or find your next hire. Using entrepreneurial thought and action, a methodology for turning ideas into opportunities that you can find only at CESBM, we develop entrepreneurial leaders who can improve your organisation and positively impact its bottom line.
    Centre for International Entrepreneurship
  • International Business + Entrepreneurship = International Entrepreneurship International Entrepreneurship is “an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action while working with individuals from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds” This centre provides consultancy and capacity building in international entrepreneurship and presents a research agenda for the study of internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and new ventures.

    Its responsibility involves research into entrepreneurship in multiple countries (cross-country comparisons of the nature and extent of entrepreneurial activity) and research into cross-border entrepreneurship (international activity of SMEs and new ventures). It is often assumed that entrepreneurship, and cross-border entrepreneurship in particular, contributes to value or wealth creation both at the firm-level and at the economy-wide level
    Centre for Agricultural Entrepreneurship (Agropreneurship)
  • Agricultural entrepreneurship is “the application of creativity and innovation in the domestication of plants and animals by committing the required human and non-human resource, assuming the associated calculated risks and receiving the rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction and independence in a socially responsible and legally compliant manner”.

    Entrepreneur = Business Person Agricultural Entrepreneur = Agricultural Business Person This centre is focused on people’s desire and needs to become the most educated agricultural entrepreneur possible. While some like the term farmer, for the purpose of this centre, the idea about what commercial (professional) farmers do is going to be purposely changed: they are the producers of high quality food at a profit.

    Doing well financially in agriculture does not require a lot of formal education. What it does require, however, is for the agricultural entrepreneur – to learn from this centre, how: .
    i. To grow the best food (or other products) possible.
    ii. To pay close attention to the production situations for each crop.
    iii. To really understand the market place.
    iv. To provide superior customer service
    v. To become very aware of your business’ finances, and,
    vi. To respond to missteps (problems) gracefully and quickly.


Open Enrollment Programmes

(Developing leaders who drive growth and value creation) This is an action-based learning that delivers immediate value. CESBM Executive Education open enrollment offerings address the needs of individuals as well as organisations. Our individual and team development programmes help develop entrepreneurial leaders who create opportunities to drive growth and value creation. Offerings are taught by CESBM faculty who are not only skilled educators, but also seasoned business leaders and researchers.

Custom Programmes

(Bridge the gap between theory and practice. Create actionable opportunities). This involves creating new opportunities/growth and value creation. Our customized learning solutions are tailored to the unique needs of your organisation and its people. We design and deliver programmes that address key business priorities and enable your leaders create new opportunities through Entrepreneurial Dynamism. Custom programmes translate business fundamentals into actionable strategies through applied-learning projects. Participants leave programmes with plans in place and steps taken towards advancing their individual and organisational goals. Custom programmes enable our clients to:
 Assess challenges
 Build organisational knowledge and competencies
 Develop solutions
 Implement strategies to meet objectives

Flexible Learning Solutions

Solutions are flexible and tailored to specific organisational priorities including needs assessment, programme design and delivery, post-programme follow-up and measurement, advising and coaching. Programmes may be designed as short workshops, week-long classroom-based sessions, online learning or comprehensive modular offerings. CESBUMA’s learning format often blends face-to-face sessions with interactive web-based learning.

Dedicated Faculty and Programme Team

CESBM faculty, augmented by outside experts and consultants, are skilled teachers, expert researchers and seasoned practitioners. We take pride in partnering collaboratively with our clients on all aspects of programme design and delivery.

Deep Experience and Credibility

Several organisations from virtually every key industry have partnered with CESBUMA for customised learning solutions.

Recruiting and Partnerships

Entrepreneurship is often associated with startups, venture capital, and business incubators. But, of course, the ability to continuously take action and experiment, combined with the foundation of strong business acumen and analysis, is what makes a company of any type or size in any industry successful.

Individuals can learn to act and think entrepreneurially to create the future they want. As the leader in entrepreneurship education, CESBM is redefining what it means to be ready to make an impact in established organisations. Redefine your bottom line, by finding and developing your entrepreneurial leaders at CESBM.

Recruit Our Students

(Engaging companies, recruiters, organisations of all types and sizes) Match your business needs with CESBM undergraduate, and Master’s talent

Build Your Brand

Increase recognition and engagement among current students.

Get Involved

Be a part of the CESBM community at many levels, ranging from sponsorships to coaching students one-on-one.

Blended Learning in Executive Education

Through CESBM’s executive education offerings, our faculty teams thoughtfully integrate a mix of teaching approaches that enables you and your organisation to meet and exceed business objectives and performance goals. Blended learning in executive education involves complementing traditional face-to-face programmes with e-learning technologies such as simulations, seminars, threaded discussions and wikis, group exercises, classroom interactions, videos and more.

You and your organisation’s leaders retain more of what you learn because our integrated, action-based learning format lets you face problems just as you’ll face them in real life, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and between knowing what to do, and knowing how, when, and why to do it.

And, as an industry leader in the design, development, and delivery of interactive modules, multimedia case studies, and immersive simulations, we complement our renowned faculty’s custom classroom experiences with online and blended opportunities for entrepreneurial leaders of all kinds.

Education for Educators

At CESBM, we believe we can positively change the world through entrepreneurship education. As the renowned leader in entrepreneurship education, we launched our Seminars for Entrepreneurship Educators (SEE) to teach educators from institutions around the continent. Since commencement, we have several academics and entrepreneurs from several academic institutions, government organisations, and foundations in Nigeria, to teach entrepreneurship combining theory and practice to students each year.

Our Seminars for Entrepreneurship Educators (SEE) programmes include:

Open Enrolment Programme

CESBM Seminars for Entrepreneurship Educators Our flagship programme is held twice a year on CESBM’s campus to build an international cadre of educators who understand the importance of combining entrepreneurship theory and practice in teaching. Cross-disciplinary educators from around the continent are invited to attend CESBM SEE.

Custom Programmes

Our customised programmes are hosted on multiple occasions throughout the year at institutions around the country.

Modules for Entrepreneurship Educators

A comprehensive and customisable suite of six learning modules designed to prepare an institution’s educators to effectively teach entrepreneurship. CESBM consults closely with colleges, universities and other academic institutions to design and deliver modules that meet unique needs and capabilities.

Seminars for Entrepreneurship Educators

These programmes provide regional entrepreneurial growth and economic development through entrepreneurship education. CESBM strategically partners with academic institutions, governments, corporations and foundations to deliver SEE programmes that stimulate growth and value creation on an institutional, regional, and national level.

With support from generous donors and in partnership with various campus organisations, CESBM’s academic centres are designed to provide students with real-life experience to put into practice what they learn in the classroom. Also through our centres and institutes, scholars catalyze, convene and share leading research.

• Through Skills Acquisition Centre, the college offers skills acquisition services to entire college students. It also provides Consultancy and Skills Development Training Services through short courses specifically tailored to cater for societal needs.
• The vocational courses offered include but not limited to :
• Computer Hardware Technology, desktop publishing, graphic design, web design/development, data processing, ICT, Networking, Cyber Security (Network Engineers, Information Security Analysts, Systems Engineers and Cyber Security Analysts), Software Engineering, Data Science (Data Analytics, Data Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers, Enterprise Architects) , Programming (Python, Javascript, Ruby and SQL), Scrum, Digital Business Analysis, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps Development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology), Robotics, Cloud Computing etc.
• Renewable Energy Solutions (Solar, Wind and Bio Technologies)
• Fish farming, poultry, livestock farming, arable farming, agro-produce marketing, agro-produce export, agro-chemical sales,
• Carpentry and Joinery, Furniture Making and Upholstery, Welding and Fabrication
• Electrical Installation and Repair Work, electrical/electronics,
• Motor Vehicle Mechanics
• Interior decoration, painting, printing, art/design,
• Photography/video coverage,
• Tailoring/fashion designing, dyeing and tie, knitting
• Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy, saponification services
• Bakery, food processing, hotel and catering services, , event management, Hospitality and Tourism
• Block Laying and Concreting ,building technology,
• Nylon/polythene production and Pure water production,
• Radio, TV and GSM Servicing
• Telecommunications Technology
• Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
• Printing Technology, art/design
• Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
• Health Management Programme.
• Aged Persons Care Programme.
• Public and Motivational speaking
• Script writing (prose, drama, speeches)
• Retirement Planning
• Business Succession Plan (for retiring Entrepreneurs).
• Effective Home management.
• Television Production Programme: Elocution, Diction & Phonetics for effective communication, Camera Operation for Television Production, Fundamentals of Editing Television Programmes, Television & Film and TV Production, Directing Television Programmes & Home Videos. Dramatic and Performing and Arts, Music,
Other areas shall include but not limited to:
• Enterprise Launching and Management/Small Enterprise Development– from start-up to growth and expansion.
• Business Plan Writing
• Consultancy and Business Counseling and Clinics
• NGO and CBO management
• Financial Management and Book Keeping
• Training of Trainers
• Psychology of Adult Learner – tailored to Entrepreneurs
• Creativity, Innovation and Business Idea Analysis
• Business Commutation and Report Writing
• ICT, Technology adoption and transfer in SME’s.
• Marketing and Research in Small and Medium Size Enterprises
• Pre/Post retirement Training
• Product/service quality management.
• Rocket Pitch/Elevator Pitch Presentation Competitions
• Confidence building through entrepreneurial lab
• Idea lab, industry interface
• Opportunity identification and selection
• Mentoring and guidance

  • • Introduction to Entrepreneurship - who is an Entrepreneur, qualities/characteristics of successful Entrepreneurs etc.
    • How to conceive and develop a small/medium scale business.
    • Basic steps for business expansion
    • Tools in the hands of an entrepreneur for success
    • Legal issues in business
    • Employer/employee relationship
    • What to do when your business is not working
    • Risk management in business
    • Maximising profit in business
    • Dealing with internal and external public
    • Entrepreneurs’ health and stress management
    • Case study of successful entrepreneurs and what makes them tick.
    • Marketing and sales strategy for business
  • • Basic accounting for entrepreneurs • Financial management courses
    • Cost management in business
    • Basic taxation course for entrepreneurs
    • Funding windows/opportunities for business
    • Financial planning and Budgeting
    • How to grow wealth from nothing
    • Basic financial records keeping
    • Coping with inflation in the face of limited resources etc.
  • • Fundamentals of English Language.
    • Basic Oral and written Communication skills for the workplace.
    • Writing corporate letters, proposals etc.
    • Public speaking courses for managers, leaders/entrepreneurs.
    • Basics of public relations, customer relations, employee relations etc.
    • Crisis management communication.
    • Business and the media
    • Information technology and business-internet etc.
    • How to publish a book successfully.
    • Fundamentals of script writing (prose, drama, speeches)
  • • Introduction to leadership
    • Basic leadership skills.
    • Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
    • How to enhance your ability to influence people.
    • Others
  • • Motivational talks.
    • Principles of setting and achieving goals.
    • Moral issues in business (sex in the work place, sexual harassment etc).
    • Lectures on etiquette.
    • Personal grooming for entrepreneurs.
    • Self-improvement courses-self-esteem/image, positive thinking, character/attitude development etc.
    • Dress code for entrepreneurs.
    • Employee grooming lectures.
    • Personal Fulfillment (self-actualization) courses.
    • Parenting imperatives for entrepreneurs.
    • Planning your retirement (for employees).
    • Business Succession Plan (for retiring Entrepreneurs).
    • Spirit, Soul & Body-(How to secure eternity with your maker).
    • Social skills-How to develop good relationships.
    • Mentoring-(Qualities of a good mentor and protegè).
    • Effective Home management.
    • Making of Wills.
  • 1. Elocution, Diction & Phonetics for effective communication.
    2. Camera Operation for Television Production.
    3. Fundamentals of Editing Television Programmes.
    4. Television & Film Production.
    5. Directing Television Programmes & Home Videos.
    Others are;
    • Strategic Manufacturing Programme.
    • Owner/CEO Management Programme.
    • Executive Management Programme.
    • Beauty, Facials & Cosmetology Programme.
    • A Practical Approach to Computer Operation Programme.
    • Engineering in a Hi-Tech Society Programme.
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